Friday, December 28, 2012

lein-resource 0.2.0 hits clojars

I just deployed lein-resource to clojars. What is lein-resource? A Leiningen plugin that can be used to copy files from mulitiple source directories to a target directory while maintaining the sub-directories. Also, each file will be transformed using stencil. The map that is passed to stencil contains a combination of: The project map The system properties (with .prop added to the name ) Additional values (currently only :timestamp) Values set in the project.clj using :resource :extra-values

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hammock driven development pays off with a ClojureScript pipe function - ok not really - See core.async instead

Again, with only using the think method, here is the ClojureScript version of the pipe method
Thanks to Are pipe dreams made of promises? for writing it and Clojure - From Callbacks to Sequences for pointing it out to me. EDIT: While still a good idea, futures and promises are not ClojureScript approved.

Another EDIT:  See core.async for the right way to do this.

Clojure - From Callbacks to Sequences

I have been spending some hammock time on the problem of converting a stream of events into a sequence.  And Lo and Behold, the answer falls in my lap.  I may need to see if I can implement the pipe function in ClojureScript.  Maybe if I spend more time in the hammock, someone will have already done it.

Be sure and read Clojure - From Callbacks to Sequences for a nice explanation and examples.

Here is the function that does the magic: