Thursday, August 16, 2007

Watch "Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers, Episode VI"

Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers, Episode VI 1 hr 13 min 49 sec - Jul 23, 2007 Average rating: (23 ratings) Description: Google Tech Talks July 23, 2007 ABSTRACT Java Puzzlers, Episode VI: The Phantom-Reference Menace/Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the Shift. Josh Bloch and special guest star Bill Pugh present yet another installment in the continuing saga of Java Puzzlers, consisting of eight more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment. The game show format keeps you on your toes while the puzzles teach you about the subtleties of the Java programming language and its core libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of the language will be able to understand the puzzles, but even the most seasoned veterans will be challenged. The lessons you take from this session are directly applicable to your programs and designs. Some of the jokes may even be funny. If you loathed Episodes I--V, you'll detest Episode VI. Come early, because overripe fruit will, as usual, be given to the first 50 attendees. This is a repeat of a talk given at Google in May and at JavaOne 2007.

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