Monday, December 17, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Emacs Using 100% CPU

Looks like I will be using EMACS more, again. I am getting sick of waiting for my IDE to "help" me by getting in the way, being slow and hogging lots of memory. I did run into a problem with EMACS hogging the CPU which is fixed by: (custom-set-variables '(semantic-idle-scheduler-idle-time 200)) Emacs Using 100% CPU: "quick fix is to set the Emacs variable semantic-idle-scheduler-idle-time to a large number (by default it is 2 seconds) so that the idle scheduler does not kick in (which is what is using all the CPU)!"

Book Review: Effective Java

If I had to choose one single book on Java programming, I would choose Effective Java.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mylyn User Guide - Eclipsepedia

I have been having problems with Mylyn hogging the CPU and making Eclipse unusable. The workaround is to exclude certain parts of the project from being included in Mylyn. I excluded all the generated directories. Mylyn User Guide - Eclipsepedia: "If an external builder (e.g. Maven, pydev, or other Ant-based builders) is producing output files that are being automatically added to your context because they are not being marked 'derived' as with Eclipse-based builders. You may note that such files are always show as interesting when they are generated or updated and can not be filtered away, since Mylyn expects all files that have changed as part of the task context to have interest. In this case you can explicitly exclude these files from being added to the task context the Preferences -> Mylyn -> Resources page. For example, if the output folder of the builder is 'target', you could set this the following way. Similarly, you could add a filter for '*.pyc' to exclude all files generated with that extension."

Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code

Developer's Guide - Google Chart API - Google Code: "The Google Chart API lets you dynamically generate charts. To see the Chart API in action, open up a browser window and copy the following URL into it:"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

You WILL experience the Day of the Ninja -- December 5

You WILL experience the Day of the Ninja -- December 5: "As last year (and every year from now on), December 5th is the Day of the Ninja. Plague your co-workers with ninja-ness and wear a ninja mask to work! Got the day off? Run wild in the streets, or dress like a ninja at the mall! Just show the world that YOU ARE NINJA!"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Springframework Presentations

Not sure if you guys are aware of this website It has lots of video presentations (mostly focusing on Spring).