Thursday, May 24, 2007

JavaOne Online Technical Sessions - Java EE

JavaOne Online Technical Sessions - Java EE: "JavaOne Online Technical Sessions" This includes the PDFs. The labs are also available. The multimedia should be added over the next month or so.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

JPC - Computer Virtualization in Java

OK, I admit it. This is awesome. JPC - Computer Virtualization in Java: "Welcome to the JPC Project JPC is a pure Java emulation of an x86 PC with fully virtual peripherals. It runs anywhere you have a JVM, whether x86, RISC, mobile phone, set-top box, possibly even your refrigerator! All this, with the bulletproof security and stability of Java technology."

JavaOne 2007 BOF 9529: Hudson

Kohsuke Kawaguchi's Blog: My JavaOne report: "The other talk was about Hudson, and you can see the slides here. The talk was quite late in the night at 10pm after the JavaOne 'after dark bash' party, yet there were quite a few people to my pleasant surprise. I managed to prepare my 2nd orb in time, so I was able to demo that, too. The only problem I had was that the talk was so late that the parking garage was closed by the time I get back. So Ramesh and I had to take Caltrain back to the south bay. By the time I got home it was almost 2am."

Slides For JavaOne BOF-2958 Dynamic Scripting BOF — PushToTest - The Open-Source SOA Governance and Test Automation Company

Slides For JavaOne Dynamic Scripting BOF — PushToTest - The Open-Source SOA Governance and Test Automation Company: "Download the slide deck for the Dynamic Scripting Languages BOF: Here is the abstract: Dynamic Scripting Languages and Java Java 6 introduces native support for dynamic scripting languages (JSR 223, scripting languages and Java technology.) This BOF session brings together leaders, users, and critics from the Jython, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and many other scripting camps for an exchange of ideas to develop a common understanding of the state of the art and practical examples of using dynamic scripting languages to solve problems. -Frank"

JHat update jar

Edward Chou's Blog (周甘泉 的 博客): "JavaOne BOF on Memory Leaks For those of you who came to Frank and myself's BOF session at JavaOne, you can download my 'modified' jhat here jhat.jar. My modification of original jhat include: * add exclude functionality on query results to make it easier to filter out hundreds of duplicate reference chains, this way it will be possible to find unique leaks (see Figure 1) * add classloader browser to nicely display classloaders' parent-child relationship, as well as number of classes loaded in each classloader (see Figure 2) To run jhat, simple do 'java -Xmx512m -jar jhat.jar '"

JavaOne 2007 - BOF-8847: Developing Components for Java Business Integration: Binding Components and Service Engines

Frank Kieviet : Weblog: "BOF8847: Developing Components for Java Business Integration: Binding Components and Service Engines Presented by Frank Kieviet, Alex Fung, Sherry Weng, and Srinivasan Chikkala Attendance: about 100 You cannot cover how to write JBI components in just 45 minutes. We were also not sure about what the audience was interested in. That's why we assumed that the audience would consist mostly of people who have never written a JBI component before, and are relatively new to JBI. That's why we decided to talk mostly about general information on JBI and JBI components, and highlight the power of JBI and discuss how to go about developing one. As an experiment I wanted to try a new format (at least new for me): rather than slicing up the session into four parts of 10 minutes, we cast the session into a 'discussion forum'. Of course the questions and answers (and even the jokes) were well rehearsed. Unfortunately, the audio/visual people that control the meeting rooms, had forgotten to start the session timer. As a result the audio was cut unexpectedly just a minute before we could finish up. Nevertheless, I think it was an interesting session. Presentation JavaOne07-BOF8847 (pdf) Audio JavaOne07-BOF8847 (mp3)"

JavaONE 2007 - BOF 8034 and BOF 8745

JavaONE 2007 - BOF 8034 and BOF 8745: "JavaONE 2007 - BOF 8034 and BOF 8745 I along with my colleagues presented 2 BOFs, and here are the slides and audio cast. The presentation slides for the BOF 8034 are @ The presentation slides & audio cast for BOF 8745 is available in Frank's blog -"

JavaOne 2007 BOF 5000: Glassitrope - Java Desktop Widgets

Desklets: "Slides from the Glossitope BoF Due to a deluge of requests (both of them) here are the slides for our Awesome BoF 5000. You can see them as a PDF or a QuickTime movie. I recommend the QuickTime if you can as it contains the rad transitions and animated jokes. * QuickTime 7.4MB * PDF 2.6 MB"

JavaOne 2007 BOF 3908 Slides: JAVA 3D API

java3d: Java 3D BOF @ JavaOne 2007: "Java 3D BOF @ JavaOne 2007 Here are the Java 3D BOF slides that we presented at JavaOne 2007. Thank you to all those who came and participated. * View HTML slides * Download PDF file"

Mandy Chung's Blog: JavaOne 2007 BOFs slides 9123 and 2816

Mandy Chung's Blog: JavaOne 2007 BOFs slides: "BOF-2816: The Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Utilities in JDK Release 5 and 6 BOF-9123: Visualize Runtime Problems: A New All-in-One JDK Troubleshooting Tool"

JavaOne 2007 BOF 4108 Slides: Interoperable Web Services Security between Java and .NET with WSIT: Ease of Development and Performance

Ashutosh's Blog: "Jiandong, me and Shyam presented a BOF - Interoperable Web Services Security between Java and .NET with WSIT: Ease of Development and Performance"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bug ID: 5084229 javax.naming.NamingEnuermation should be closed when parent DirContext is closed

We came across this using LDAP. The problem was that it was keeping the file handles open from the NameingEnumeration which meant we ran out of connections. Bug ID: 5084229 javax.naming.NamingEnuermation should be closed when parent DirContext is closed: "Bug ID: 5084229 Votes 10 Synopsis javax.naming.NamingEnuermation should be closed when parent DirContext is closed Category jndi:other Reported Against 1.4.2 Release Fixed State Closed, not a bug Related Bugs Submit Date 09-AUG-2004"

Monday, May 14, 2007

JavaOne 2007 in Review

JavaOne is always a great experience. From first thing in the morning to late in the night it is Java, Java, and more Java. One great thing about JavaOne is the opportunity to spend an hour on some technology you might not otherwise be able to spend the time on. I try and spend time on a wide range of topics. I will be adding my thoughts on each session over the next couple of days.


It was rare that I attended a session that FindBugs was not mentioned. Many of the presenters had good things to say about the project. I only attended one session that dealt with the topic of static code analysis, but it kept getting mentioned in the context of good things everyone should be doing. Take a look if you haven't already. There is support for many IDEs, even Eclipse.
Session ID/Title Speaker(s)
Tuesday , 05/08/2007
TS-9370 JRuby on Rails: Agility for the EnterpriseCharles Nutter; Thomas Enebo
TS-2707 Java Puzzlers, Episode VI: The Phantom-Reference Menace/Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the ShiftJoshua Bloch; William Pugh
TS-6381 The Future of the Java Technology Web TierRajiv Mordani; Jiandong Guo
TS-1519 All About Java Technology-Based RoboticsPaul Perrone
BOF-1692 Introducing the Sun SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) and Sun SPOT Community: Java on Wireless Sensor Networks Randall Smith; Ron Goldman; Arshan Poursohi
BOF-2358 Closures for the Java Programming Language Neal Gafter
BOF-4664 Dynamic Portals and Ajax in PortletsGreg Ziebold; Jai Suri
Wednesday, 05/09/2007
TS-2594 Secure Coding Guidelines, Continued: Preventing Attacks and Avoiding Antipatterns Jeff Nisewanger; Charlie Lai
TS-2689 Effective Java™ Reloaded: This Time It's for RealJoshua Bloch
LAB-1420 Nonintrusive Monitoring of Java Technology-Based Applications with Java Management Extensions (JMX) Technology, JConsole, and Aspect-Oriented Programming: Using a Spring Application as an ExamplePaul Cheung; Luis-Miguel Alventosa; Max Poon
TS-2388 Effective Concurrency for the Java PlatformBrian Goetz
TS-4604 Fast and Free SSO: A Survey of Open-Source Solutions to Single Sign-on Craig Dickson; Naveen Nallannagari
BOF-9587 Pimp My Java Application: Applying Static Analysis Tools to Boost Java Code QualityGregg Sporar; Fabiano Cruz
LAB-7210 Hands-on with Project Darkstar: The JavaOne Conference MUD Sridhar Reddy; Jeffrey Kesselman
Thursday , 05/10/2007
TS-3834 Being Productive with SwingBen Galbraith
TS-2656 JMX Technology: Who's Doing WhatEamonn McManus; Jean-François Denise
TS-7755 Advanced Spring FrameworkRod Johnson
TS-9944 PHP and Java Technology Integration: A Technical How-To Session with Cofounder and Co-CTO of Zend Andi GutmansAndi Gutmans
TS-3569 Beans BindingShannon Hickey; Hans Muller; Jan Stola
TS-3073 Write a 3-D Game in the Java Programming Language in Less Than 50 Minutes Erik Hellman
BOF-8238 Building Composite Services Applications Mike Edwards; Jim Marino
BOF-9472 Performance Statistics of Java Technology-Based Applications Using Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) and Chime Steven Reynolds
BOF-3478 Easy Test-Driven GUI Development Alex Ruiz; Yvonne Price
Friday , 05/11/2007
TS-6821 Spring Web Flow: A Next-Generation Web Application Controller Technology Keith Donald
TS-43350 Harnessing the Power of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) Technology With Spring Michael Keith; Shaun Smith; Colin Sampaleanu
TS-6836 Creating Amazing Web Interfaces with Ajax Ben Galbraith; Dion Almaer
TS-1786 Writing Games With Project Darkstar Jeffrey Kesselman; Chris Melissinos; Mark Rizzo

Developer Knowledge Base - A Java Developer's Guide to Google Technologies

I came across this link that lists many of Google's code projects with a summary of each. Worth a look to see what is going on in the Google-space. Developer Knowledge Base - A Java Developer's Guide to Google Technologies: "A Java Developer's Guide to Google Technologies Chris Schalk, Google Developer Programs May 2007 Java developers may not necessarily think of Google immediately when it comes to Java, but rest assured, Java development is thriving within the Google developer community. Google provides a substantial set of Java-based technologies and libraries, and even experienced Java developers using Google's Web Toolkit might be surprised to hear about the depth of Google's Java support. This article serves as an overview of the Java development possibilities with Google APIs and technologies."

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


The JDK is not open source. It has been available for download for some time. Now it is available with the GPL v 2 license.