Friday, January 31, 2014

malabar-mode 1.6 Change Log

Change log

Resolved Issues

  • "Apply suggestions to flycheck"
  • "import not work well in Win NT"
  • "Default to -source 1.5"
  • "in malabar-flycheck-error-column assign tabs to 8 spaces."
  • "Remove the @ from the front of annotations in malabar-import-one-class"
  • "File mode specification error: (void-function wisent-java-tags-wy--install-parser)"
  • "Compile error in melpa"
  • "Compile File Issue: IllegalArgumentException"
  • "Cannot open load file: wisent-comp"
  • "Show super classes and implemented interfaces of a class"
  • "Add pom.xml mode of some sort"
  • "[feature-request] malabar-delegate-interface"
  • "Can C-c C-v C-y be made to work for source jars?"
  • "Some sort of xref facility"
  • "Flymake/Flycheck"

  • Commits

    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    malabar-mode meet flycheck-mode

    malabar-mode is an EMACS major mode for editing Java files in a MAVEN project.  flycheck-mode  is a modern on-the-fly syntax checking extension for GNU Emacs 24.   The latest release of malabar-mode in MELPA (20140128.1331) has integrated flycheck.

    To enable:
    (load "malabar-flycheck")(flycheck-mode)
    Once enabled, it uses javac to compile the buffer as changed.  See flycheck-mode for usage.

    Monday, January 27, 2014

    Introducing maven-pom-mode

    As part of my work on malabar-mode it has become apparent that EMACS needs a maven pom mode.  Looking around the various maven pom related projects, there are a lot of good ideas but not one project that incorporates them all.  The maven-pom-mode was created to give EMACS a better way of working with your pom files.

    Current functionality

    EMACS has built in XML editing via nxml-mode which includes tag completing, listing valid tags, etc.  With maven-pom-mode the schema for editing pom files is made available  to nxml-mode.

    •  C-M-i give valid suggestions. 
    • C-c / will close a tag.
    • C-c i will complete an inline tag.
    • C-c b will complete an block tag.


    From the shell:
    git clone
    In Emacs:
    (add-to-list 'load-path "path to maven-pom-mode")
    (load "maven-pom-mode")


    Future directions will include:

    • Searching for dependency in central and adding a dependency
    • Show and manipulate transitive dependencies
    • Form based manipulate sections of the pom
    • Integrate with malabar-mode

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    lein-resource 0.3.3 hits clojars

    Added skip-stencil as an option.  This allows for files to be copied but not processed by stencil.  Instead they are copied as is.


    To configure lein-resource, add to project.clj
    :resource {
      :resource-paths ["src-resources"] ;; required or does nothing
      :target-path "target/html" ;; optional default to the global one
      :includes [ #".*" ] ;; optional - this is the default
      :excludes [ #".*~" ] ;; optional - default is no excludes which is en empty vector
      :skip-stencil [ #"src-resources/images/.*" ] ;; optionally skip stencil processing - default is an empty vector
      :extra-values { :year ~(.get (java.util.GregorianCalendar.)
                                       (java.util.Calendar/YEAR)) }  ;; optional - default to nil
    If :resource-paths is not set or is nil, then it won't do anything

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014

    lein-resource "0.3.2" hits clojars

    This is old news really, but I noticed I failed to announce:

    [lein-resource "0.3.2"]

    A plugin that can be used to copy files from multiple source directories to a target directory while maintaining the directories. Also, each file will be transformed using stencil. The map that is passed to stencil contains a combination of:
    • The project map
    • The system properties (with .prop added to the name )
    • Additional values (currently only :timestamp)
    • Values set in the project.clj using :resource :extra-values

    malabar-mode reanimated

    Hi all,

    I have taken over maintenance of malabar-mode which is a Java major mode for EMACS.

    While it is a great project, it has suffered some bit rot over the past couple of years.  With help from others, it has now been reanimated and is a contributing member of  the EMACS ecosystem.


    So far a couple of big improvements have been made.  First, it is now part of MELPA so it can be installed via the package manager.  This has made a lot of difference and certainly makes it easier to get started.

    The project has been split into 2 projects: malabar-mode and malabar-mode-jar.  The former contains the lisp code and is what gets packaged by MELPA.  The latter is the Java and Groovy code the helps make the magic happen.  This jar file is now being released via Sonatype to the maven central as
    By splitting the project into two projects it makes it easier to maintian and deploy.

    The project now works under cygwin, at least partially.  There is still some work to do in this area.

    Getting Involved

    If you see an problem or have an idea for an enhancement, go ahead and create an issue.  Also, pull requests are welcome and help move the code forward.