Tuesday, November 8, 2016

lein-resource 16.11.1 released

New resources
lein-resource is a  plugin that can be used to copy files from mulitple source directories to a target directory while maintaining the subdirecotries. Also, each file will by default be transformed using stencil.

Version 16.11.1 
gh-22 - adds support for the the case where you want to render the templates with different variables based on the target path, to allow using some view-logic say, for a dev and prod output.
As in #1, but allowing for :extra-values to be passed with each path:
  :resource {:resource-paths [["resources"
                               {:target-path "app/dev"
                                :extra-values {:dev true :prod false}}]
                               {:target-path "app/prod"
                                :extra-values {:dev false :prod true}}]]}