Monday, January 27, 2014

Introducing maven-pom-mode

As part of my work on malabar-mode it has become apparent that EMACS needs a maven pom mode.  Looking around the various maven pom related projects, there are a lot of good ideas but not one project that incorporates them all.  The maven-pom-mode was created to give EMACS a better way of working with your pom files.

Current functionality

EMACS has built in XML editing via nxml-mode which includes tag completing, listing valid tags, etc.  With maven-pom-mode the schema for editing pom files is made available  to nxml-mode.

  •  C-M-i give valid suggestions. 
  • C-c / will close a tag.
  • C-c i will complete an inline tag.
  • C-c b will complete an block tag.


From the shell:
git clone
In Emacs:
(add-to-list 'load-path "path to maven-pom-mode")
(load "maven-pom-mode")


Future directions will include:

  • Searching for dependency in central and adding a dependency
  • Show and manipulate transitive dependencies
  • Form based manipulate sections of the pom
  • Integrate with malabar-mode

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