Tuesday, January 21, 2014

lein-resource 0.3.3 hits clojars

Added skip-stencil as an option.  This allows for files to be copied but not processed by stencil.  Instead they are copied as is.


To configure lein-resource, add to project.clj
:resource {
  :resource-paths ["src-resources"] ;; required or does nothing
  :target-path "target/html" ;; optional default to the global one
  :includes [ #".*" ] ;; optional - this is the default
  :excludes [ #".*~" ] ;; optional - default is no excludes which is en empty vector
  :skip-stencil [ #"src-resources/images/.*" ] ;; optionally skip stencil processing - default is an empty vector
  :extra-values { :year ~(.get (java.util.GregorianCalendar.)
                                   (java.util.Calendar/YEAR)) }  ;; optional - default to nil
If :resource-paths is not set or is nil, then it won't do anything

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