Friday, January 31, 2014

malabar-mode 1.6 Change Log

Change log

Resolved Issues

  • "Apply suggestions to flycheck"
  • "import not work well in Win NT"
  • "Default to -source 1.5"
  • "in malabar-flycheck-error-column assign tabs to 8 spaces."
  • "Remove the @ from the front of annotations in malabar-import-one-class"
  • "File mode specification error: (void-function wisent-java-tags-wy--install-parser)"
  • "Compile error in melpa"
  • "Compile File Issue: IllegalArgumentException"
  • "Cannot open load file: wisent-comp"
  • "Show super classes and implemented interfaces of a class"
  • "Add pom.xml mode of some sort"
  • "[feature-request] malabar-delegate-interface"
  • "Can C-c C-v C-y be made to work for source jars?"
  • "Some sort of xref facility"
  • "Flymake/Flycheck"

  • Commits

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