Wednesday, January 15, 2014

malabar-mode reanimated

Hi all,

I have taken over maintenance of malabar-mode which is a Java major mode for EMACS.

While it is a great project, it has suffered some bit rot over the past couple of years.  With help from others, it has now been reanimated and is a contributing member of  the EMACS ecosystem.


So far a couple of big improvements have been made.  First, it is now part of MELPA so it can be installed via the package manager.  This has made a lot of difference and certainly makes it easier to get started.

The project has been split into 2 projects: malabar-mode and malabar-mode-jar.  The former contains the lisp code and is what gets packaged by MELPA.  The latter is the Java and Groovy code the helps make the magic happen.  This jar file is now being released via Sonatype to the maven central as
By splitting the project into two projects it makes it easier to maintian and deploy.

The project now works under cygwin, at least partially.  There is still some work to do in this area.

Getting Involved

If you see an problem or have an idea for an enhancement, go ahead and create an issue.  Also, pull requests are welcome and help move the code forward.

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