Tuesday, October 15, 2019

:db.error/not-an-entity Unable to resolve entity: :db/index

When working with Datomic Ions, I wanted to use :db/index on an attribute but got this error:
:db.error/not-an-entity Unable to resolve entity: :db/index

Using the magic of Google I came across this tidbit:


On Datomic Ions Solo, I'm getting an error Unable to resolve entity: :db/index when trying to transact schema

oh, is :db/index not supported on Datomic Cloud?

I guess fulltext indexes aren't either...
Alas, no. And be careful with large strings as well.


It appears that :db/index and :db/fulltext are not support on Datomic Cloud.  The only documentation for this feature is in a slack log from November 2018.

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